How to buy

We will be right by your side from our first contact until your new horse arrives safely at your stable.
Offering worldwide transport, door to door.

We are very happy to help you in your search for a horse/horses at www.hndressagehorses.com. Already 25years in this field and still working with lots of Enthusiasm, so very welcome.

Send us an e-mail to info@hndressagehorses.com

Give us important information about you, and about your requests. Helen Marie will start to send you suggestions of horses based on your information.

It is important to know what your expectations are.

  • The level of actual training and level of future plan for the horse.
  • Dressage competition lower –medium level.
  • Do not want a competition horse want to enjoy training and hacking.
  • Looking for a horse with quality for Working Equitation and in what training level.
  • Looking for a jumping horse.
  • Breeding mare/stallion, colt, or filly, Castrated pure PRE/Lusitano/PSL or European horse.
  • Dressage Competition High level-International level.
  • Price level, age and hight of the horse.

Some horses already have a number of x-rays done, some not. There are horses with Piroplasmosis test done, for some horses the buyer might ask for an extensional vetting /Piro test to be done up on buyers cost. So already loads of questions and we hope to answer them and to find Your Dream Horse.



We work with several Vets in Spain; they are all qualified to exam International pre-purchase examination, where they can be communicating with your vet in your country after sending x-rays and vet report. During vet exam we will film the whole physical part of the vet exam for you to be sent asap so your vet will have a fuller picture.


Experience of transporting horses within Europe and further to US and Middle East we have a great cooperation with reliable transport companies.

How to buy


If you wish to keep your horse in Spain for further training, we are cooperating with highly qualified riders and trainers. Excited to help you to purchase your horse. Best Regards and Looking Forward to Hear From You Helen Marie Nilsson hndressagehorses.com

We offer a very personalised service to find you the perfect horse